Are Quarterly Business Goals an Outdated Practice?

For example, let’s say Company X needs to invest in digital technology that will revolutionize the customer shopping experience. The only downside is that the investment will put a big dent in Q2 profits. So, rather than not meet those second-quarter goals, Company X decides not to invest. This leads to a decline in sales as customers become increasingly frustrated with the poor online shopping experience. Over time, leaner, more agile competitors continue to steal market share, putting Company X out of business for good.

Apple’s App Store Turns 10. What’s Next?

When the iPhone first launched in 2007, there was no App Store. There were a handful of key apps like Safari, Phone, Text Messages, Mail and Google Maps. Surprisingly, Steve Jobs was initially resistant to the idea of an App Store. With multiple key staff members urging him to consider it, Steve got on board and the App Store officially launched in July 2008. Here are a few stats that attempt to capture just how successful the App Store has been:

Why Gut Instinct Still Matters for Entrepreneurs in a Data-Driven World

“Intuitive decision making can feel at odds with what the data is telling you,” shares Ben Billups, founder and CEO of Billups, an independent out-of-home advertising agency in U.S. “But you need both to get ahead. Data and technology give us more freedom than ever before to experiment with what’s working and what’s not, but at the end of the day, instinct is what builds opportunity as we continue to take risks and learn through experience.”

The Average Person Wastes 50 Minutes a Day in the Car. Here’s How to Reclaim that Time

The temptation is great these days to stay as hooked in to screens and smartphone access while driving as while at a desk. Maybe, with the rise of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and seven-inch touchscreens in your car, it’s even pretty safe. (Great minds disagree on that one.) That’s not the point. You are already staring at screens for way too much of your day. Avoid doing it while you drive, and you are already gaining a net increase in how much time you spend looking at the real world directly through your own eyes, and without bright, shiny, clicky distractions to your thought process.

Attractive People Are Smarter, Science Says. But Maybe That’s Due to How We Treat Them

Dismissing the attractiveness/intelligence relationship as merely bias is short-sighted, though, especially with kids. If a good-looking boy benefits from the halo effect and teachers, peers, etc. treat him as if he’s smart, that feedback may encourage him to try harder, to study more… Sometimes praise, even if the praise is not totally deserved, can become a a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How Good an Observer Are You?

Mad Pow’s Health Experience Design conference brings together the perfect mashup of physicians, health administrators and insurers on the one hand, with game designers, animation designers, user experience designers and design researchers on the other hand.  At the June 2018 convening, there was lots of provocative thinking around ways to make the patient the focus for all health care experiences: from a visit at the doctor’s office to navigating the often tricky maze of health insurance coverage.  What was particularly interesting were those stories from design researchers, user experience designers and ethnographers who take time out to visit patients, observe people in their own environments taking medication and learning from them about how challenging a medical procedure might be- from their own eyes, and in their own words.