5 Ways to Gain Valuable Insights to Improve Employee Communication

2. Get to know your audience. “At the start of every communication project you undertake, learn as much as possible about your audience,” writes Shannon. “Every newspaper, magazine or TV show knows its demographics–you need to know yours, too. Gather data about how many employees work at your organization, where they are as well as age, salary, level of education, years of service, gender.” Then use this information to build your internal communication strategies

How Google Partners with the World’s Top Minds to Power Its Innovation Machine

For example, Andrew Ng, a top AI researcher, decided to spend a year working at Google and quickly formed a close working relationship with two of the company’s brightest minds, Greg Corrado and Jeff Dean, who were interested in what was then a new brand of artificial intelligence called deep learning. Their collaboration became the Google Brain project.

Lyft Just Made a Truly Shocking Move That Means It Will Almost Certainly Beat Uber

Wing, Alphabet’s drone company, is heading to Europe: Its second delivery pilot program will start this spring in Helsinki, Finland–8,332 miles away from the company’s first pilot location, Australia. It’s a sign of progress, though Wing is still a long way from launching in the U.S. thanks to regulatory struggles. Americans will have to wait to get those burritos delivered by air.

The 10 Weirdest Marketing Stunts of 2018

Not a lot of companies would encourage customers to pee on their ads, but Ikea isn’t afraid to change the rules. In January, the company released a magazine ad featuring a crib that asked women to, yes, urinate on it. If they were pregnant, the ad supposedly revealed a discounted price, as part of a promotion for its Ikea Family program. Understandably, the gimmick caused a stir–and not just among expecting moms. The Swedish home-goods company picked up a Clio award, one of the highest accolades in advertising.

Warren Buffett Just Shared His 1 Best Piece of Advice. (He Says It’s ‘Very Simple,’ and Will Boost Your Net Worth By ‘At Least’ 50 Percent)

It’s very simple. Invest in yourself. The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now (at least), is to hone your communication skills, both written and verbal.

If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark. Nothing happens. You can have all the brainpower in the world, but you have to be able to transmit it. And the transmission is communication.