The One Thing We Really Need to Do

I talk about this a lot, I write about this a lot, but I see it as one of the biggest issues facing business owners today. I remember many years back being able to close a door and actually think about the tasks at hand, the projects I had to deliver, the meetings that were coming up, the problems I had to solve, the decisions I needed to make. I had to make these decisions on the fly. That’s OK to a point, it’s just the way it was, but how does it did it make me feel? 

Amazon’s Prime Day Sales Are Soaring Despite Glitches

Early data from FeedVisor, a pricing software tool, show that customers have spent roughly 45 percent more in the first five hours of Prime Day than they did last year. The data also shows that orders have increased about 22 percent in the first five hours compared to last year. FeedVisor’s estimates are based on its own customer database, which it claims is a “strong representative sample for analyzing sales trends.” 

3 Ways to Build Loyalty With Your Customers

You are always at the service of your customers, no matter how big you get. Don’t just take it from me. Look at guys like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, or Charles Schwab–they’re billionaires who never got too big to attribute all their success to the people who deserve it. And if they are always willing to tip their hat, then you should too. 

Will My Employee Be Demoralized by a Coworker’s Promotion?

I’m a recent graduate working as a clinical social worker at a program with people with dual diagnosis. They can be a “tough crowd” sometimes, as many are referred from the prisons or probation, so a professional demeanor is especially important. While it is technically my boss’s job to supervise all of our interns, it has fallen on me and another coworker to train them and give them feedback. One of the interns comes across as very young. She speaks in a very childish manner, says “umm” and “like” excessively, uses “up-talk,” giggles a lot, etc. The clients do not respect her at all and it will not help her to move forward in her career. When she gets her first paid job, she needs to come across as a professional.

Hiring Managers Hate Preachy Cover Letters. Here’s How to Make Yours Stand Out

Contrary to popular belief, cover letters can help you stand out and get a job interview today. You might think employers don’t read them. Especially, if you’ve been applying online endlessly and not getting any response. But, the truth is, when you get a cover letter directly in the hands of the hiring manager, they are definitely going to take a look. The question then becomes: what can you do to hold their attention and wow them enough to contact you?

Here’s How That Person With the Perfect Life is Different From the Rest of us

“Once you make a decision, take action that moment. Write the letter, make the call, send the email. Show up in a bigger way than you ever have before, but don’t wait for the planets to align. Take action now and, by next week, your anxiety will start to dissipate because you are going for it. I am always so impressed by persistent people, whether they are getting the results they want or not. No matter what, if they keep pushing forward, the big break they are waiting for is just one step away. Why would you ever want to miss that opportunity?”

Purchases Under $20 That Make a Significant Difference in Your Business

Aside from making it faster and more efficient to access the 200+ sites I have logins for (for real, I counted), LastPass made it easier to work with my team. If I need to give someone access to Zapier to fix up an automation for my virtual coworking space, for example, I can give them the login through LastPass, without ever sharing the actual username and password.

The Surprising Secret That Smart People Know About Communication

Here’s what The New York Times wrote about Thing Explainer: “The oversized, illustrated book consists of annotated blueprints with deceptively spare language, explaining the mechanics behind concepts like data centers, smartphones, tectonic plates, nuclear reactors and the electromagnetic spectrum. In his explanations, Mr. Munroe avoided technical jargon and limited himself to the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language. This barred him from using words like helium and uranium, a challenge when describing how a rocket ship or reactor works.”

Elon Musk Lashes Out at Thai Cave Diver and Ruins Good Will He Could Have Had

Early on, Musk said his team had discussed the idea with people from the rescue team. He sent a team over to the caves. But that apparently created some friction, particularly as the rescue effort was already underway. According to a New York Times report, the head of the search operation and former provisional governor, Narongsak Osottanakorn, said the device wasn’t suitable.